f(x) Reportedly Gearing Up to Kick Off Comeback Preparations Next Week

According to an exclusive report by OSEN, girl group f(x) is getting ready to officially kick off preparations for their upcoming group comeback next week!

A music industry insider is said to have revealed on September 1 that the members of f(x) will begin filming for their new music video this coming September 11. The search for a filming location and other detailed preparations are currently underway.

It is also said that member Victoria, who has been actively promoting overseas, will be returning to Korea by the end of this week in order to focus on the final stages of preparing for her group’s comeback.

f(x) has continued to hint at a group comeback since the first half of this year, and the public’s interest in a four-member group comeback has continued to build since the announcement of Sulli’s withdrawal from the group to pursue a solo acting career. The members have each carried out individual promotions during the group’s time away from the stage – in various fields including variety, dramas, musicals, and more – gaining more anticipation to see f(x) as a group once again.

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