Top K-Drama Moments From the 4th Week of August

There are a few good dramas on this list, but the choices are sweet … and funny and devilishly enticing!

Let’s get to our top K-Drama moments from the final week of August!

1. “Twenty Again”: I will dance again


38-year-old Ha No Ra decides to attend college in order to improve herself so she can save her marriage. She is admitted, but to her son’s dismay coupled with news that she’s dying of cancer, she changes her mind … until, that is, she goes to campus to cancel her registration and sees the outdoor performance of the graduating class. This takes her back to her high school days when she participated in something similar. She remembers how young, free, and happy she was. The college performance ends with a message: They aren’t in college just to get a job. You attend college once just as you only live once. You choose how you live.

The message sinks in and leads her to follow through with her college plans. She may have started this journey to avoid a divorce, but now, she’ll finish it for herself, and this is why we love this scene.

2. “Yong Pal“: I killed everybody

While many lament the recent changes to “Yong Pal,” one thing we’re loving is more Jo Hyun Jae!

Every good drama needs a complicated villain, so we’re happy to see Han Do Joon’s layers being slowly peeled back.

What does one do after a successful day at the office? Celebrate. And if it involves killing off one’s sister? Invite the accomplices.

That is exactly what Han Do Joon does, calling on Chief Lee and Tae Hyun for a meal. However, since he’s a villain, they receive bribes and threats instead of hugs. That should be expected, right? What they did not expect, though, was a jaw-dropping confession.

Out of pure joy and drunkenness, our dearest villain reveals that in addition to planning his sister’s murder, he orchestrated her fiance’s death three years earlier! What the what?!

3. “Twenty Again”: Somebody needs to grow up

Ha No Ra is now a college freshman, and an old high school friend and admirer, Hyun Suk, is one of her professors! He’s still jilted that this woman that he liked got married at a very young age, and apparently, he’s held onto his grudge that he piles on to her difficulties as a 38-year-old college student.

One day, they arrive on campus about the same time. Standing on opposite sides of the street, they have a glaring contest, much like in their younger years. He talks to himself, asking why she didn’t go to school with her husband. Meanwhile, she mutters, calling Hyun Suk an idiot. He catches the insult, and that ticks him off. He pedals his bike towards her and swats the cap off her head. Such a petty and childish cutie! LOL. Is this how a professor behaves?!

4. “Yong Pal”: Hello, new love

After going through so much in their short time together, Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin’s relationship has reached a crossroads. Tae Hyun has fallen for her, even risking his life for her, but her heart seems to be stuck in the past with her dead fiance. Exasperated, he makes a show of leaving her side and not caring about her anymore because he can no longer stand to be jealous. Alone, Yeo Jin reflects and during that time, she says a final goodbye to her former love. Lacking certainty about what to do next, she overhears that there is someone parked outside; she suspects it’s Tae Hyun. She calls him to let him know she has made her decision: She chooses Tae Hyun.

We couldn’t keep a smile off our faces as the two are reunited and joke in their usual way.

4. “All About My Mom“: Deadly ice cold treat

Every time Kang Hoon Jae meets Lee Jin Ae, he always ends up wounded or bloody. Even a friendly encounter is sure to have a disastrous outcome for him. Heh.

Hoon Jae has gone with Jin Ae to visit her dad at the hospital. After seeing Mr. Lee, Jin Ae buys a couple of ice cream bars for her and Hoon Jae. As she approaches him, her foot slips on a bag, and when she starts to fall back, he catches her, but who will stop her arm from flailing up that the ice cream in her hand isn’t shoved up his nose? Oops, too late! LOL. Who knew a tasty, cold delight could cause a nose bleed?

6. “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law“: Trusting the truth

A video has been edited to give the appearance that In Young has an ungrateful attitude, and when it hits the Internet, her image takes a hit. However, her virtual husband, Myung Suk, steps in to save her career and her rapidly declining reputation.

After some detective work, Myung Suk finds the full video of the then drunk In Young, who was actually speaking fondly of the entire family. He uploads the unedited version to reveal the truth.

Myung Suk could have believed the lies being spread about In Young, but instead, he he trusted her sincerity towards him and his family. Trust is a fundamental component of love, and we are glad to see it thriving in In Young and Myung Suk’s relationship.

7. “All About My Mom”: Tears are wetter in the rain

No sooner than she gets her promotion, Jin Ae finds herself out of the job after being falsely accused of corporate espionage. With her box of belongings, she leaves the office and walks somberly in the rain. At the same time, Hoon Jae arrives, about to have dinner with his mom. He sees Jin Ae and gets out of his car. He keeps calling her name, but she won’t turn around. When he goes to her, she’s unable to control her tears. The look on his face clearly shows he feels bad for her, and he wipes the tears from her cheeks. We’re freaks for romance, so, we’re eating up this moment up until we read the funny but observant thoughts of Viki viewers: Why wipe her tears when her face will still be wet from the rain? LOL. So much for those feels!

Thanks for taking a gander at this list! Tune in for more next week!

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