Watch: “Music Core” Performances by Girls’ Generation, HyunA, B1A4, and More

It appears as though there was no winner announced for first place during the live broadcast of this week’s “Music Core.” We will keep you updated! In the mean time, enjoy the performances.

Performances this week were by Lee Ju Sun, Yeon Bunhong, Unicorn, Nop.K, Purfles, DinDin, Ami, Legend, Stephanie, 2EYES, Beat Win, April, BIGSTAR, SONAMOO, Juniel, G-Friend, VIXX LR, B1A4, HyunA, and Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation – “Lion Heart”

HyunA – “Roll Deep” (also known as “Because I’m the Best”)

B1A4 – “You Are a Girl, I Am a Boy”

VIXX LR – “Beautiful Liar”

G-Friend – “Me Gustas Tu”

Juniel – “Sorry”

SONAMOO – “Round N Round”

BIGSTAR – “Shine a Moonlight”

April – “Dream Candy”

Beat Win – “Stalker”


Stephanie – “Prisoner”

Legend – “Shadow”

Ami (featuring Nop.K) – “Hurts to My Bones”

DinDin – “Pour”

Purfles – “A Bad Thing”

Nop.K – “Queen Cobra”

Unicorn = “Huk”

Yeon Bunhong – “Make Me Ugly Plz”

Lee Ju Sun – “Druwa”

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