Top 9 Late Bloomer Stars Picked By “The List 2015”

Not all celebrities shot to stardom immediately after they debuted. In fact, many of the stars we know and love worked hard for several years in their fields before they became household names. On September 7, tvN‘s “The List 2015” put together a list of the top nine stars that achieved mass popularity later in their careers. Check out the list below!

9. Indie band Hyukoh.


8. Actress Chun Woo Hee.

chun woo hee

7. WINNER‘s Mino.

winner mino

6. Actress Kim Go Eun.

Kim Go Eun

5. Hip hop artist Zion.T.

zion t

4. Actress Kim Seul Gi.

Kim Seul Gi

3. ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik.

Park Hyungsik 21

Park Hyung Sik debuted with ZE:A in 2010, but while he was loved by fans, it wasn’t until he appeared on MBC‘s “Real Men” in 2013 and was given the nickname “baby soldier” that he became a household name. From then on, he showed his acting shops in advertisements, before going on to take roles in musicals, as well as dramas such as “Nine,” “What’s With This Family,” and “High Society.”

2. EXID‘s Hani.


Before Hani debuted as a member of EXID, she trained at JYP Entertainment for a year before being dropped from the agency. She then spent time studying in China, but she didn’t let go of her dream of being a singer. She returned to Korea, and debuted with EXID in 2012, but still wasn’t able to gain stardom as the group was not popular right after their debut. However, a fancam that focused on Hani during a performance of EXID’s “Up & Down” went viral last fall and propelled EXID to huge popularity. Hani has now appeared on several variety shows, where she’s been given the chance to show her easy-going personality, sense of humor, high IQ, clarinet playing, fluency in foreign languages, and of course her hilarious reactions.

1. Actor Jo Jung Suk.

jo jung suk

Jo Jung Suk takes the top spot on the list of late bloomer stars. He shot to stardom with his hilarious turn as the eccentric best friend of Lee Je Hoon‘s character in “Architecture 101” in 2012, for which he won two “Best New Actor” awards. However, he was a veteran actor that had been performing on stage since 2004. He had starred in the Korean productions of musicals such as “Grease,” “Spring Awakening,” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” while taking auditions for film roles.

After his breakout performance in “Architecture 101,” he starred in the drama “The King 2 Hearts,” as well as films such as “The Face Reader” and “My Love, My Bride.” His most recent drama, “Oh My Ghost,” recently wrapped up late last month. He’s established a reputation as an incredibly talented actor with superb comedic timing and the ability to make a script even more hilarious with his improvisations.

Which of these stars did you love before they became household names?

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