BIGBANG’s Taeyang Makes First Ever Visit to a Fan’s Home During Live Broadcast

Taeyang is the latest member of BIGBANG to star in his own personal live broadcast on Naver’s V app! He made a fan’s dream come true on the evening of September 9 when he visited her home as part of his live show “I’m Going to Eat Now.”

Out of all the applications from fans that he received, Taeyang chose to visit a first year university student who wrote in her submission that her mother is a big fan of BIGBANG as well and has earned diplomas in preparing Korean, Chinese, and Western food.

Taeyang keeps saying he’s really nervous as he arrives at their home with a bag of gifts and a bouquet of flowers. “I’m not even this nervous when I go on stage!” he says.

When he arrives at their door, his fan is understandably thrilled to see him. He gets hugs from her family, and her dad asks him to sign their wall for him “in the best spot in the house.”

taeyang 2

Taeyang then checks out his fan’s bedroom and admires her collection of BIGBANG CDs, DVDs, and books. “Wow, even I haven’t seen this one!” he says as he examines one of the items.

taeyang 4

After Taeyang eats dinner with his fan and her family, he offers to do the dishes. “Are you really doing it?” she asks in amazement when he’s getting ready to scrub the dishes. “Of course, I have to!” he answers.

As he’s standing at the sink, he turns to the camera and boasts about how great he is at doing dishes. He then says he’ll answer some fan questions as he’s cleaning up, and the first one he reads is “How about singing a song while you do the dishes?” So he asks his host what she’d like to hear, and she requests “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

“Ah, such a sad song for washing dishes to,” he says. “I’ll give it a try!”

He laughs before starting to sing as he wipes down the dishes, and then really seems to get into it!


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