Wonder Girls Talks About Their Strong Friendships With Former Members Sohee and Sunye

Recently, Wonder Girls met up with Ilgan Sports at a bar to chat candidly about their lives and career over drinks, and the topic of the departure of their former members Sohee and Sunye came up. Prior to the group’s comeback this summer, it was officially announced that Sohee was leaving the group to pursue an acting career, while Sunye would be continuing to focus on her growing family. However, both former members have continued to show their support for Wonder Girls.

When asked about Sohee’s departure, Yeeun says, “Sohee wanted to be an actress ever since she was really young. She had to give up on it a bit because we had to go to the United States.”

The members are asked how they feel when they see Sunye and Sohee now. Hyerim replies that they wanted to continue to work together with them, but they knew they couldn’t pressure them to do so. Yeeun adds, “Sunye and Sohee did their best too. And we talked about it together. They said that doing activities as part of Wonder Girls in the future would be difficult. Sunye was dreaming about missionary work, and Sohee wanted to go into acting. We all understood that, so we were able to work it out.”

Sunmi, who recently returned to the group after pursuing a solo career, also gets a chance to talk about her time as a solo artist. “It was really great because it went so well,” she says. But she also comments, “Even before I started preparing for my solo career, I’d always talk with the members and with Park Jin Young. I’d say that my final goal was always Wonder Girls.” She then adds, “Wonder Girls is like my hometown that I had to go back to. I’m so grateful to the members for waiting for me and supporting me.”

Yeeun says, “We’re the ones who are grateful. She has a solo career, but after we started rehearsing again as Wonder Girls, she said she wouldn’t go to any events as a solo artist. She’d just say she’s going to practice the bass. We’d ask her if she’d gone crazy, and tell her not to do that. But we’re so grateful that she felt like that.”

The members are then asked about the recent news that Sunye is pregnant with her second child. Sunmi says, “We have a group chat with all six members, and Sunye told us in there. We sent her messages to say congratulations.”

Yubin is also embarking on an exciting challenge, as she’s appearing as a contestant on the latest season of the female rapper survival show “Unpretty Rapstar.” Yubin says, “I worried a lot, and I kept worrying even after our meeting. But the members gave me a lot of courage. They cheered me on.” She adds, “They know that I have a love for rapping, so they say it’s a good opportunity for me.”

The interviewer notes that they all seem to be very close. Yubin agrees and says, “They feel more like my family than my actual family. They’re just like my younger sisters. Kids, I’m like your older sister, right? We know what each other is thinking just by looking in each other’s eyes.” Sunmi adds, “We comfort each other and give each other strength.”

Yeeun comments, “Sohee comes to our place a lot. She’ll come over and spend the night putting a puzzle together with us.”

Hyerim pipes up to say with a laugh, “One day recently I opened the door in the morning to find Sunmi and Sohee solving a puzzle together.”

Yeeun adds, “We’re not able to see Sunye often because she’s busy with her daughter, but we talk all the time. We shared an experience together where we couldn’t help but depend on each other. We can’t ignore that.”

Wonder Girls recently made a successful comeback as a four-member band with the album “Reboot.”

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