8 Perfect Moments from Naver's V App

When you place a livestreaming device into idols’ hands, you know that the result could possibly be the best thing ever. So Naver’s V App is essentially the best thing ever.

Do you need additional convincing? Here’s a quick list of some of the most wonderful, breath-taking, gif-able moments in V history. (And if you don’t yet have V either click HERE or scroll to the bottom to download it onto your phone/tablet!)

1. VIXX’s Leo showing off Hyuk’s abs.

Of course, while Hyuk freaks out and tries to protect his image, Leo manages to keep a completely straight and even mildly perplexed face. It’s a true talent.

2. Seunghoon from WINNER doing whatever it takes to hit that high note.

In a battle against B.I. from IKON, Seunghoon is not above calling in help from his bandmate, Mino, to forcible squeeze the air out of him. Does it work? You’ll have to check the full video on the V App!

3. Taeyang visiting his fan’s house – hugging her family and signing a wall.

Yeah, that happened. I’m pretty sure that when you answer the door to an unknown caller, you are not expecting it to be your idol, just chilling on your doorstep and asking for a meal.

4. Amber photobombing SHINee at their own fansign.

Okay, I’m pretty sure that this moment is, by now, famous. I mean, Amber, bless her heart, uses her V screen time to visit her BFFs and surprise the crap outta them. What else are friends for?

5. The time GOT7 compressed into a to-go stack.

I guess they called it a “hamburger” during the video, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were forced to pile on top of each other because fans asked them to. That’s right, fans send in the requests and GOT7 has to do them. The possibilities are endless. Also, BamBam must have lost a bet to have to go first and get crushed by the weight of his entire group – yikes!

6. SNSD scaring Red Velvet’s Irene with their lion head.

In the middle of having a nice live chat, someone decides to throw SNSD’s lion head prop into the group and in the process nearly gives Irene a heart attack. After the zoom into the head, it appears that everyone is scared of it and finally Seohyun is the hero and picks it up. I love when SM groups hang out!

7. Celebrating birthdays in real time with BTS!

What’s better than spending such a big event with your favorite star? Like seeing Jimin realize in real time that one of the candles accidentally went out on his leader’s birthday cake? Nothing is better. And BTS is not the only group to share birthdays with their fans – B1A4 also recently celebrated Baro’s birthday with fans through their V channel!

8. All of the exclusive content.

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly one, singular moment. Lately groups have been using the V App to share exclusive content – so you have to have the app to get the first look. From B1A4 filming their first live performance of “Sweet Girl,” to BTS hitting everyone in the feels with their comeback prologue trailer, to SNSD sharing their choreography practice for “Lion Heart,” V is obviously the app to have if you’re a K-pop fan.

What are your favorite moments? Don’t have V App yet? No worries, download it here:



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