The “Three Meals a Day” cast which includes Lee Seo Jin, Ok Taecyeon, and Kim Kwang Gyu, chose their worst dish on the show.

On the last episode of the show that was aired on September 11, the producer Na Young Suk asked the cast, “What was the worst dish?” At this question, Lee Seo Jin answers without a second thought, but the answer has to be beeped out… and that’s because the dish was so bad that it was completely edited out of the show.

The dish that Lee Seo Jin chooses is the “honey butter chips,” which were made in June when BoA appeared as a guest.

During the recording, Ok Taecyeon had initially set out to make honey butter chips, but ended up with a honey butter potato porridge. Lee Seo Jin had said, “This looks so dirty,” and Na Young Suk had agreed and edited the whole thing out, saying, “I feel apologetic to the viewers.”

Three meals a day 2

Meanwhile, “Three Meal a Day” was a program in which Lee Seo Jin, Ok Taecyeon, and Kim Kwang Gyu cook every meal in a countryside house. They will pass the baton on to Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin, who will take over with “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village.”

How does the honey butter potato porridge look to you?

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