Top K-Drama Moments From the 1st Week of September

If life were a K-drama, then we hope to experience many of these moments!

1. “Twenty Again”: I’ll protect you

While Hyun Suk might be grumpy and sarcastic to No Ra, he can’t help but be her white knight.

Hyun Suk reads the diary she’d conveniently dropped at his place, and when she calls to ask if she’d left it behind, he lies. However, she’s got to get it back, and so, he stalks her, dropping the diary near her favorite bench. A good stalker is never noticed though, right? When he sees that she might run into her husband and expose herself, he quickly makes his presence known and hides her.

It’s adorable how he can’t help but take care of her. Plus, this is another scene that reveals his subtle neurosis. There’s nothing cuter than a hero who’s crazy in love, even if he’s nowhere near admitting it.

2. “Yong Pal“: There’s a legend …

While still on the run, Tae Hyeon and Yeo Jin go to a hill surrounded by windmills, and he tells her about a legend: If a couple kisses at that place, they will never break up. Before he can even finish his sentence, though, she kisses him. He continues to tell her that the legend will only take effect if they return to that place and kiss again. We’ve just absolutely melted when she suggests they return the next day and share another passionate kiss!

The chemistry these two have is too much. Writers, we’re waiting for a repeat of this scene!

3. “All About My Mom“: Making ahjummas giddy

Hyeong Soon has gone to the countryside, earning money to pick apples at an orchard, and of course, Chae Ri has invited herself to be with him. It might not be so bad, though, as she helps him to cool down. We also get some gratuitous skin, as he takes his shirt off for the cold splash. Chae Ri douses him with water and quickly, a waterfight with Hyeong Soon ensues. During the fun, Chae Ri trips on herself, and he falls on top of her as he tries to catch her. The moment feels very intimate, and it’s not lost on the elderly fangirls, who’ve been tickled by the cuteness of this young couple. Heh.

4. “Scholar Who Walks The Night“: We get you

After his blood lust binge when he was temporarily out of his mind, the people have become fearful of Sung Yul. Even so, he still fights for them, fending off the vampires that have invaded the town.

After one such battle, a group of townspeople happen upon Sung Yul and quickly grow afraid of him, but then a little girl, whom he once saved, emerges from the crowd to help him. She identifies him as the “Night Scholar,” the protagonist of Yang Sun’s novel and the vampire who fights for the good of the people. Upon learning this, their fear turns into acceptance, now happy over his presence. Their support might finally also allow him to accept himself.

5. “All About My Mom”: You don’t need them, but you have me

Hyeong Soon doesn’t mean to, but his farce of pretending to be someone else is becoming more problematic, especially as Chae Ri’s feelings for him grows.

He is forced to meet with her again, this time to be introduced to her friends. When he learns that the friends have only been using Chae Ri for her money, he puts on the best show, bringing Chae Ri flowers and simply being sweet to her. Hyeong Soon then shames the so-called pals and drags Chae Ri away from them.

Outside, Hyeong Soon confronts Chae Ri about those friends, and she admits that she’s known about them all along, tolerating them because she’s afraid she won’t have anyone. Hyeong Soon scolds her that she’s pretty and kind, so, she doesn’t need them. At his sincerity, she perks up, but he maintains the tough exterior. He walks away, but of course, she’s just right behind him. Although he tells her to stop following him, he’s secretly amused, but when he turns to look back, she’s no longer there. About to go on his way, a thankful Chae Ri reappears in front of him, giving him a hug that disarms his stern facade.

6. “Twenty Again”: Hear me out …


No Ra has become even more of a pariah at school after she stands up to a professor who has been sexually harassing the female students. Because of her actions, the students are fearful that the professor might retaliate against them. However, fellow freshman Seung Hyun had recorded the professor’s behavior, and she calls No Ra to stop by the bar where she works to give her the evidence. This fight is a huge responsibility for No Ra, and she imagines herself being hauled off to jail if things don’t go the right way. Terrified, she gets drunk.

Worried, Seung Hyun phones Hyun Suk, who arrives and sees No Ra wasted. He wakes her up and she starts to rant about her problem with Professor Perv. She tells him that she wants to experience college life before she dies, but she’s afraid she wont’ be able to. Hyun Suk just listens while looking at her with sincerity in his eyes. When she utters regret for stepping in, he tells her that she did what she did because she’s Ha No Ra.

Finally! The brusque Hyun Suk begins to show compassion and more understanding towards No Ra. Naturally, the fact that he thinks she’s dying might also be motivating him … that or he can’t help himself because he’s always liked her. Heh.

7. “Mrs. Cop“: You and me … someday

Do Young meets with Jin Woo at a cafe to return his keychain, which she has kept for a long time. He grabs it angrily and scolds her. She knows the importance of it to him, but she explains that there was never a right time to give it back. She tells him that he should be thankful that she found it, or else it would have been lost for good. Jin Woo sarcastically thanks her, but Do Young wants him to say it sincerely. However, she’s taken aback when he moves closer and gently warns her to change. He then leaves immediately, but outside, he stops to read her message again. He smiles as he looks back at Do Young, eating alone.

Aww! That smile! Has he moved on already? Jin Woo and Do Young had a rough beginning, but their friendship could develop into something more! Bring on the good feelings!

That’s all for this list, folks! Thanks and join us again next time!

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