Kim Tae Woo's Playtime Interaction With Daughters Critiqued by Expert on

On September 12’s episode of “Oh! My Baby,” Kim Tae Woo heads to a child psychological counseling center with his two young daughters.

The center is set up so that experts can watch a parent play with their child to evaluate parent-child interactions, and then suggest solutions to any problems. “I wanted to test myself,” Kim Tae Woo explains in his interview. “To see if I’m doing well. If they say I’m doing it wrong, I want to find out what is right.”

While he’s with Ji Yool in the observation room, he picks an unopened cashier toy set for them to play with. As Ji Yool seems interested in the toy because her dad picked it, the observing expert Kim Dong Chul says, “They have a strong bond.”

He rips open the box and presents Ji Yool with part of the toy, but as she’s playing with it he’s focused on getting the other parts out of their packaging. When he finishes and begins to show her how to use it, Kim Dong Chul points out that he seems to be steering the play in his own direction instead of listening to her objections.

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Kim Tae Woo’s second task is to play with some building brick toys with Ji Yool. However, he’s so focused on stacking up the bricks that he doesn’t pay her much attention. “You can’t just keep piling them up,” comments Kim Dong Chul, and adds that he needs to stay at her speed. “He’s a dad that cannot play with his child,” he says.

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Later on when Kim Tae Woo is playing with his older daughter So Yool, he gets so caught up in trying to put together a doll house for her that he doesn’t answer her when she asks him questions. “He is playing on his own,” comments Kim Dong Chul.

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During his review, Kim Dong Chul tells Kim Tae Woo that he’s great at being immersed in his kids, but he suggests that he work on explaining things to them in an age-appropriate way and listening to them. Afterwards, Kim Tae Woo says in his interview that he will use what he’s learned and try hard to become a wiser father and husband.

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You can see more of Kim Tae Woo and his adorable daughters on this week’s episode of “Oh! My Baby.”

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