Korean Student Gives the Best Response to a Survey About Homosexual Students

A Korean junior high school, recently, upon learning that there might be homosexual students in school, decided to pass out the following survey to the students. The school was in for quite the wake up call when a ninth grade student left a sharp response, calling out the utter absurdity of the survey and putting authorities in their place, with a brief lesson on what is and isn’t appropriate for an educational establishment to manage.

survey with answers

This is what the survey says:

This is an anonymous survey and we guarantee your privacy. Please do your best in answering the following questions wholeheartedly for the good of the school. Please indicate your answer with a check mark.

Q1. What are your thoughts on homosexuality?

1 – I don’t have strong feelings about it.
2 – I can be understanding.
3 – I can’t understand it.
4 – I’ve never thought about it.

(The student marked number 3 – “I can be understanding.”)

Q2. Do you think there are homosexual students in school?

1 – Yes
2 – No
3 – I don’t know.
4 – I’ve heard that there are.

(The student marked number 3 – “I don’t know.”)

Q3. If yes, which grade level has the most number of homosexual students?

1 – 7th grade
2 – 8th grade
3 – 9th grade

(The student did not answer this question.)

Q4. What should the school do regarding homosexual students?

1 – Provide counseling.
2 – Volunteer in school.
3 – Suspension
4 – Expulsion

Q5. If you know of any homosexual students, please provide his/her name and homeroom number.

You can see the student whited out the multiple choices to question number four and five in its entirety. Instead, the student wrote:

“Nothing. Homosexuality is a personal issue and the school should stay out of it. This very survey which is meant to punish homosexual students in itself is absurd. Just as an introvert takes longer time to become a social or a clean freak tends to keep his/her place cleaner than others, homosexuality is a matter that is very personal to an individual. Before considering the ‘good of the school,’ why not elevate the mentality of this place where students come to learn? I’m sure the school hopes to be progressive. That’s why you put in new grass and install new chalkboards. Moreover, we write essays on issues regarding discrimination and how to pursue equality. However, the idea of this very survey is old-fashioned and it deserves to be trashed. This is extremely discriminatory. What contradiction!”

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