Sunye Says She Hasn't Retired From the Industry and Talks About Motherhood

On September 15, Wonder Girls‘ former leader Sunye made a rare media appearance on CBS Radio‘s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show” and talked about what’s been going on in her life and her plans for the future. She called in all the way from Oregon, where she’s currently visiting.

Sunye married Korean-Canadian missionary James Park in January of 2013, and gave birth to their first daughter in October that year. She’s since been devoting much of her time to missionary work in Haiti and is currently expecting her second childAlthough she officially withdrew from Wonder Girls earlier this year prior to their comeback with “Reboot,” she has been supporting them wholeheartedly at music shows and over social media.

During their chat, host Kim Hyun Jung asks Sunye what attracted her to her husband. “Well, I wondered if God blinded me by love back then,” she replies with a laugh. “We met in the missionary field in Haiti, and I suddenly had these thoughts. It was like I saw my future together with him, it was that kind of vague feeling. Of course, I didn’t know at the time that it would actually turn out like that.”

Sunye is asked if she’s no longer blinded by love when it comes to her husband. “Of course, but all couples are like that,” she replies. “As we look at the good and the bad, we’re considerate of each other, love each other, and understand each other.”

Sunye’s mother passed away when she was four and so she was raised by her grandparents from a young age. Kim Hyun Jung asks what it feels like to hear her own daughter calling her “mom,” since she must not remember being able to call her own mother that.

“It feels like I have everything in the world,” Sunye replies. Kim Hyun Jung comments, “Still, taking care of children and running a household isn’t easy. You take care of your house yourself, right?”

“That’s right, it’s still hard,” says Sunye. “It’s harder than work. All mothers are so amazing.”

Kim Hyun Jung asks her if it’s really true that childcare and housework is harder than spending all day dancing in high heels. “Of course,” replies Sunye. “When I was working, there were periods where I could rest. I could sleep at night too. But since my daughter is about two years old now, she wakes up a lot in the night. It’s 24 hours a day, you have to be next to them 24 hours a day. So mothers really don’t have much time to rest because their lives are always just being right next to their children.”

When asked if she has any regrets, Sunye says, “I really have never had regrets. Of course there are times when it’s tiring, but when I watch my daughter as she grows, I’m so proud and grateful.”

Kim Hyun Jung comments that there are many people who wonder if she’s permanently retired from the entertainment industry now that she has left Wonder Girls. “In fact, it’s not true that I retired from the entertainment industry,” Sunye clarifies. “If there’s another opportunity in the future that arises where I can put on a good performance, I think I could do that any time.”

Sunye is asked if she’d ever thrill fans by performing with Wonder Girls again. “If there’s an opportunity…” she replies, and then tells Kim Hyun Jung about the bonus track on Wonder Girl’s latest album that includes the sound of both her and Sohee chatting with the other members.

“You’re still very close with the members,” comments Kim Hyun Jung. “I’m so grateful for that,” replies Sunye.

Would you want to see Sunye join Wonder Girls for a performance in the future?

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