And The #BestVStar is…

For the past two weeks, we’ve been holding our #BestVStar contest and we want to thank everyone for participating! A whopping 50 participants in our #BestVStar vote-off were chosen to win some great swag from their favorite artists – from polaroid photos to signed CDs and concert goods. We hope you’ll tweet us pictures of your swag once you receive it! And, if you weren’t chosen, don’t worry – there will be more contests coming soon.

Which V Star won the vote-off? With an overwhelming number of votes on Twitter, fans have spoken and the #BestVStarisBTS!

I wonder why…

Actually, based on the tweets we received, we decided to make a quick list of why:

1. Not one, but two unique shows running on the app.

bts-suga-just-relax V-Jhope-Secret-garden-BTS

“Run! B-T-S!” and “BTS Gayo” are both running only through V and each feature some amazing ridiculous from the boys – from re-enacting the infamous sit-up scene from “Secret Garden” to tickling the crap out of each other in hopes of making everyone spit water out of their mouths. Their shows are equal parts ridiculous and fascinating and in the end just perfect for the group.

2. The innate ability to make doing nothing amusing.


Perhaps this should have been obvious from all of the videos that are uploaded to BTS’s official Youtube channel but the members of BTS love the camera. The members are completely comfortable with filming themselves in an empty room rocking out to “Turtle Boat” or trying to lipsync and make fans guess the song. Even sitting in a waiting room in the airport is a decent time to livestream for the group – really anytime is game for them. And for fans, it means that BTS is always treating them to sneak-peeks of their lives off-stage.

3. Using V to release the feelings.

No one was expecting a BTS comeback so soon. No one was prepared for “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life on stage: prologue” to be released. And when, only on the V App, it was released BTS fans couldn’t stop watching. Now, to wait for more teasers that will almost undoubtedly be released on first through V.

Did we miss an iconic BTS on V moment? Let us know in the comments!

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