Kim Hyun Joong Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is Lying to Him, Explains His Side

At noon September 17, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer Lee Jae Man held a press conference at his firm CheongPa, where he revealed a letter sent from the singer, who is currently in the middle of his mandatory military service.

In the letter, the singer carefully apologizes, and explains that the recent rumor of him refusing the paternity test is not true.

He says, “I wanted to apologize for [not being able to relay good news] of late, with all the stories going around online. I, myself, am exhausted and tired, so I can’t even imagine how it must be for you. In order to avoid misunderstandings, I thought it’d be best if I personally said something.”

Kim Hyun Joong mentions his current service, expressing regret that he wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to everyone, and that while he enlisted “like a sinner,” he recently became a private. “I spent the last year under the sharp gaze of the public, but with the wisdom and encouragement of my instructors, I’m becoming more mature and as healthy as I was in the past. I want to say thank you, and I’m sorry.”

The singer says that he wanted to open up once everything had quieted down, but because of potential misunderstandings, he decided to write the letter, and states that, in contrast to the rumors, he is not avoiding the paternity test.

“I just knew that the due date for the baby was September 12; I had no idea the baby had been born at the beginning of September. I saw through the news that the baby had been born, and I saw reports stating that I was avoiding the paternity test,” says Kim Hyun Joong, insisting that he had already prepared all necessary documents for the test prior to his enlistment, and that he was simply waiting for his ex-girlfriend’s side to contact his parents or his lawyer to proceed.

“It’s not because I doubted the existence of the baby,” Kim Hyun Joong continues. “The reason I’m insisting on the test is that only once the paternity test has been done can I take legal responsibility for the child in whatever form. I want to raise the child, but I know that things can’t always happen the way you want, and it’s frustrating for me to only be able to say that I’ll carry out my legal duties.”

He says, “While it seems hypocritical coming from someone who failed to abide by the law himself, I’ll continue for the sake of [my] child.”

Kim Hyun Joong goes on to express how he feels, only being able to imagine who his child takes after and not being able to be with the baby.

“Currently, I’ve only been told the gender of the child, and nothing else. They’re lying to me so that I’m unable to approach the child. While I’m still lacking, I will do everything I can for the baby. They’re telling me that they don’t know the baby’s blood type yet [and can’t tell me], but from my point of view, it just doesn’t make sense. Not even telling the father of the child something like the baby’s blood type, and continuing with lawsuits, it’s true that I can’t help but to think the motive is just money.”

He closes, saying that for the sake of the baby, he hopes that no information [about the child] is leaked anywhere. “I hope you understand. I’ll see you again as a more mature and healthy person.”

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