Top K-Drama Moments From the 2nd Week of September

This new list is full of K-drama scenes that step up the romance between our favorite characters. Meanwhile, a top moment stands out as a heroine reclaims her power.

1. “Twenty Again”: Kickin’ it old school

Still believing No Ra is dying, Hyun Suk is determined to complete everything on her bucket list, and this year’s April Fool’s Day will be one that his friend will remember. On this day each year, university students wear their high school uniforms, and Hyun Suk makes sure that No Ra doesn’t miss out on this experience. With two of their friends, they fit themselves back into their old uniforms and visit their high school, which brings back plenty of memories for our leads. The fun really kicks off when they go to a club and dance to old school K-pop! It’s especially fun to watch the usually gruff Hyun Suk cut it loose like the old friend No Ra remembers. We’ve also never seen this side of Lee Sang Yoon before, so, that’s enough of a reason to have this scene be among our favorites.

2. “Yong Pal“: You are my master

The tables have turned in Yeo Jin’s favor. She now has the key necessary for the ownership of Han Shin. Her re-entry into the world of “crocodiles” is marked by her ability to make her brother’s secretary kneel to her in a show of loyalty.

We love this Yeo Jin, who has stopped being a victim and has become a major power player in a game that almost took her life.

3.”The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law“: Winning you

In Young becomes angry at Myung Seok for pretending to hate her too well, and she’s ready to call it quits. However, Myung Seok has the remedy for the situation: He works all night and uses Photoshop to edit a family album of the two of them and their future child. In Young is profoundly touched, especially as she has no family with her. She dishes out some kisses that eventually lead to a deep one. Ack! Their chemistry is killing us!

4. “Twenty Again”: You’re not dying?!

Hyun Suk has gone through a roller coaster of emotions in the last few weeks. At first, his high school crush, No Ra, showed up and he became the proverbial little school boy tugging at her pigtails. Then, he found out she was dying and instantly regretted his actions. Then, he decided to make her last few months the best she ever had, all while beginning to fall harder for her … until she started to really piss him off. Like really piss him off!

In this scene, Hyun Suk continues his quest to help No Ra relive her high school days, like feeding her her grandmother’s famous tteokbokki, but she misses her appointment with him because she’s found a part-time job. She got a job? He sees red when he hears this. Why would a dying woman need a job? Is she insane? Why can’t this woman prioritize her health?

He rushes over to her new workplace to yell her back to her senses, dropping any pretense that he’s ignorant of her terminal cancer. But then, she corrects his misconception; she explains the hospital made a mistake. After the initial shock, our lovable Sukkie heaves a sigh of relief and hugs her. Yay! The love of his life is not dying after all! Now, do us all a favor and go after her heart! We’re waiting not-so-patiently.

5. “All About My Mom“: Is it time yet?


Jin Ae has been conned by a co-worker into staying late at work and handwriting invitations—all 500 of them! That means Hoon Jae won’t get his free meal … again. But of course, he goes to his mom’s company to help Jin Ae with her very tedious assignment.

While he gets to work on his first invitation, he accidentally smudges ink on his cheek. As Jin Ae tries to rub it off, her face moves closer to his, and suddenly, her touch is electric. Heehee! This is it, folks! Hoon Jae and Jin Ae stare at each other, and his lips closes in on hers … ever so freaking slowly! His turtle’s pace has cost him a kiss! Before his lips could touch hers, they break apart and hide when his mom, who’s also her boss, returns to the office.

There are 50 episodes, so, we suppose there’s no rush for that kiss.

6. “Mrs. Cop“: Just phishing


Jin Woo and Do Young have been assigned to stake out a warehouse where a suspect has been hiding illegal goods. While on the lookout, Jin Young starts asking her questions, like what food she likes and her type of man. Omo! Jin Woo, are you just bored or are you interested in getting to know her more? We think we know the answer. *Wink* They are partners, after all, and Do Young also asks him the same questions. Hah!

When will the romance start for these two?! Get on with it!

Thanks for checking out this latest batch of top K-drama moments! Come and hang out with us again next week!

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