The Try Guys Finally Try K-pop for the First Time (and It's Awesome)

We all know the Try Guys, right? They’re the guys on Buzzfeed Video whose job it is to try crazy things, such as women’s clothes, nude modeling, and even pregnancy. For their latest video, the Try Guys have decided to try K-pop, and… it’s pretty awesome!

Keith, Eugene, Zach, and Ned decide upon the full K-pop immersion experience, heading to KCON, learning some dance moves, and conferring with a Korean culture expert. But of course, we all know K-pop fever begins with the music videos, so the guys sit down to watch some of the latest and greatest MVs. Eugene, who is Korean American and has some level of familiarity with the different groups, serves as the group’s resident K-pop expert. “I have never been more excited for a Try Guy series. As a Korean, I get to introduce the other guys to my culture.”

Let’s see what the guys thought!

Girls’ Generation’s “Party”:

“I know the first thing all the guys are going to say is that they don’t know why there are so many members.”

“They’ve shown me at least a thousand girls so far.”

“Is this supposed to make me fall in love with them? Because it’s working.

EXO’s “Call Me Baby”:

“These guys are tougher. Like, if NSYNC saw them walking down an alley, they’d be like, ‘Oh, s**t, no, we gotta go the other way.'”

“I thought that he was the main guy… but now they’ve shifted positions… and now he’s the main guy! I can see how everyone can have a favorite.”

4minute’s “Crazy”:

“This song is hard af. This is great.”

“This song is FIYAH!”

“There’s a lot of butts here. Let’s be serious though.”

GOT7’s “Just Right”:

“We’re in a little girl’s bedroom… that’s a weird sentence to start anything with.”

“I feel uncomfortable and I don’t know what’s happening.”

“I’ve just fallen in love with them, because of the melody they’re singing! While this guy doesn’t look like my wife… he makes me feel the way my wife makes me feel.”

SISTAR’s “Shake It”:

“I would legitimately put up a poster of these girls in my room.”

“Early 2000s Trapper Keeper grunge vibe.”

“You know, what I really like about SISTAR is that they’re challenging some standards of Korean beauty… by being tan.”


You would hear this beat in a gay club at 3 a.m. And you would get TURNT!”

It’s basically like eight music videos split up, where each person gets his own half a million dollar set.”

“This feels like an episode of Doctor Who on acid.”

So what do they think about K-pop so far?

“I’m really impressed. I’m speechless, really.”

“I f**king dug it. I’m going to listen to this stuff all the time.”

“K-pop stuff is like the Capitol in the Hunger Games.”

Just as well that they like it — it’s apparently the first video in a five-part series on Hallyu, so this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more!

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