Top K-Drama Moments From the 3rd Week of September

These are our top moments not just because they make us feel good, but also because they remind us why we are fond of the characters, many of whom are fierce while some show admirable grace and kindness.

1. “Twenty Again”: Thank you for everything

While we think this drama is moving very slowly, we love that we get to savor several touching scenes.

Hyun Suk and No Ra could give Tom and Jerry a run for their money because they sure love to fight!

Once Hyun Suk got over the shock that No Ra’s cancer diagnosis was an error, he reverts back to his elementary school antics of being petty to the girl he likes… and No Ra responds in kind. But when she learns that he was at her grandmother’s funeral, she concludes that he is justified in his anger and stops fighting. So, she finds him to thank him for all he’s done, and boy has he done a lot!

We love this scene because she makes it clear that she appreciates him, which pierces right through our softie’s heart.

2. “She Was Pretty“: First love jams

Hye Jin was a pretty child who grew into a K-drama ugly woman. And this is a secret she’s determined to keep from her first love, which becomes difficult when they end up working at the same company. While she’s in freak-out mode, doing everything she can to avoid him, she finds herself locked in an elevator with him!

Now, she’s really losing her mind and just as she’s about to have a panic attack, he sticks an earbud in her ear and plays a song, mimicking what she had done to calm him down as a child. Aww. This was when we realized that this drama had the potential to become a favorite.

3. “D-Day“: How to be a doctor


Dr. Lee Hae Sung is the rebel at his hospital. He bucks policies and stands up to anyone, even if they’re his senior, if the welfare of his patients is compromised.

In one scene, Hae Sung operates on a man who only has a 9 percent chance of surviving. When the patient begins to flatline, Dr. Myung Hyun is ready to pronounce him dead, but Hae Sung refuses to give up. As he tries to revive the man’s heart, Myung Hyun rebukes Hae Sung, believing that they’re just wasting their time on the patient who is pretty much a lost cause. However, as Myung Hyun continues to whine and mock Hae Sung, the man’s heart starts to beat again. In a matter of minutes, they’re able to save the patient, and Hae Sung gives Myung Hyun a lesson: Death is only pronounced when the doctor gives up on the patient, not when the monitor says the heart has stopped beating. He adds, “As long as you don’t give up, the patient lives.”

He may be wild, but we wouldn’t mind Hae Sung being our doctor, as he is passionate about the lives of his patients.

4. “Mrs. Cop“: Times they are a-changing

Jin Woo teaches Do Young how to turn shoelaces into handcuffs. He uses a rock climbing knot to tie the shoelaces around her wrists. He then leaves her to get out of them on her own, which proves to be too difficult, and nobody from the station is willing to help.

With no other choice, she goes to Jin Woo, who takes her to a cafe. As he unties the shoelaces, he apologizes for his past behavior. Because of her higher rank and gender, Jin Woo initially disliked her. However, he now promises to acknowledge her rank and treat her as his “manura” or partner. Because of this fresh development in their relationship, Do Young happily eats her favorite shaved ice while Jin Woo smiles as he looks at her.

There’s still no romance, but we’ll take this new phase in their partnership!

5. “All About My Mom“: Karma will slip you up


Although she lacks experience, the haughty Hyung Gyu, who has set up his own law practice, takes on the meek Hye Joo as his assistant. One morning he gets to work and finds her just having cleaned the floor with a mop. He reminds her that he doesn’t need a cleaning lady but a professional assistant. He’s soon berating and yelling at her for her lack of clerical and legal know-how necessary for her job. As he walks away, he slips on the mop and splits his pants. Bwahaha!

6. “Twenty Again”: Secret admirer by mistake

As No Ra chases after Professor Yi Jin to return her phone, a delivery man hands her a huge bouquet of roses. No Ra is surprised and Yi Jin is very curious, gently prodding her student to look at the accompanying card, which has a nice message but doesn’t divulge the sender. So, whom did this gift come from? Confirming our hunches, the next scene shows it’s from Hyun Suk! Hee! His assistant, Sang Ye, had forgotten to cancel the order from the flower shop after learning that No Ra won’t be dying. Still, this is an awesome mistake, as it comes from a guy who truly cares for No Ra.

That’s all for this batch! Join us again next time, and please check many of these shows on Viki!

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