Chu Sarang is G-Dragon's Personal

Chu Sarang’s proved that she’s a “Fantastic Baby” by charming G-Dragon with her cuteness.

On the episode of KBS2’s “Superman Returns” aired on September 27, Chu Sarang and G-Dragon finally meet. G-Dragon has already shown his interest in Chu Sarang several times through social media.

Before G-Dragon arrives, Chu Sarang practices greetings with her dad. Though Chu Sung Hoon tries to teach her how to say, “Hello, nice to meet you,” she ends up saying, “It’s been a while,” instead.

Though Chu Sung Hoon points out, “You can’t say ‘It’s been a while’ if you’ve met for the first time,” Chu Sarang repeats the same phrase. Thankfully, when G-Dragon arrives, she manages to respectfully bow to him with her hands clasped.

The moment he sees her, G-Dragon says, “I’ve wanted to see you for so long.”

Chu Sarang, however, cannot take her eyes off her toys out of shyness. However, the two immediately start to get closer when G-Dragon presents his kids’ dressing table gift. He even specially puts it together for her.

Thanks to the gift, Chu Sarang seems to be more comfortable with G-Dragon. At one point, she jumps into his arms and he smiles widely as he holds her.

Sarang GD 3

She also acts like she is shooting him, following the lyrics and dance moves of BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG.” G-Dragon plays along, falling to the ground as if he is wounded by a gunshot.

Sarang GD 2

While the two are playing, Chu Sung Hoon prepares doenjang jjigae and samgyeopsal kimchi fried rice for dinner. G-Dragon gives the food a thumb up after tasting it.

During dinner, Chu Sung Hoon says, “Sarang loves BIGBANG’s ‘LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE.’ She thinks you’re calling her name in the title.”

Sarang GD 4 Sarang GD 5

While cleaning the table after dinner, Sarang spills the soup onto her dress. G-Dragon immediately takes her to the side in order to help her clean off the mess. However, she thinks that taking off the dress will be an easier solution and decides to strip. Surprised at her sudden actions, G-Dragon drops his head and looks away from Sarang.

Though Chu Sung Hoon tries to stop her, she runs away in her underwear. Embaressed, G-Dragon covers his eyes with a rag, though he still laughs at the comical situation.

Sarang GD 6 Sarang GD 7

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