Kwanghee Says He Texted EXO’s Baekhyun A Lot Before His First Filming of “Infinity Challenge”

On the Chuseok pilot special of MBC‘s “The Gifted,” Kwanghee joins hosts Kim Gu Ra, Yoo Sae Yoon, EXO‘s Baekhyun, and more as a special guest.

“The Gifted” introduces ordinary people who are experts about a certain topic, particularly those whose interests seem a bit eccentric. One of the guests, Chu Jae Won, is a huge fan of “Infinity Challenge,” and cast member Kwanghee is brought out for her section to take a quiz about the show with her.

When Kwanghee comes out, Kim Gu Ra says to him, “Aren’t you Kwanghee from ZE:A?” Kwanghee replies, “I’m Kwanghee from ‘Infinity Challenge!'”

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Once Kwanghee sits down, Kim Gu Ra asks Chu Jae Won, “What do you think of Kwanghee on ‘Infinity Challenge’?”

“I like him now,” she replies. “It took a while to accept him, right?” asks Kim Gu Ra. “Yes, two months,” she replies, which cracks Kwanghee up.

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“After I became a member of ‘Infinity Challenge,’ I couldn’t sleep for the week before my first filming,” says Kwanghee. “I sent so many text messages to Baekhyun, saying that I was nervous.” Baekhyun nods and says it’s true.

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The pilot episode of “The Gifted” aired as a Chuseok special on September 29.

Do you think Kwanghee is a good fit on “Infinity Challenge”?

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