“Goodbye Mr. Black” Might Not Be Able to Air

Despite its stellar cast, “Goodbye Mr. Black” appears to be having difficulty with securing a broadcasting slot. Initially, “Goodbye Mr. Black” starring Lee Jin WookMoon Chae Won, Song Jae Rim, and Kim Kang Woo was in discussion to be SBS’s next Wednesday-Thursday drama after “The Village.” However, it appears as though SBS is reconsidering as they have cited program restructuring as the cause for the spot to remain open.

An SBS insider revealed to news outlets that a drama titled “Remember” is a strong contender to take the open spot. If “Remember” does indeed takes the spot, this means SBS will be airing two consecutive mystery thriller dramas.

The Village

“Remember” is about a character named Seo Woo Bin who has excessive memory syndrome. He becomes a brilliant lawyer in order to prove his convicted father’s innocence. However, he faces drastic changes in his life as his memory is completely obliterated while working on the case. “Remember” is produced by Director Lee Chang Min and is written by the screenwriter Yoon Hyun Ho who is well known for his work in the movie “The Attorney.”

Logos Films, who produced KBS’s 2012 hit drama “My Husband Got a Family,” will be the outsource production company for “Remember.” The team is currently in the process of casting roles. If selected, it will air in December.

Which drama would you rather see?

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