Hugh Jackman and His Daughter Express Their Love for Korea

In a recent press junket for his latest film, “Pan,” Hugh Jackman expressed his love for the country of South Korea. Known for his kind, approachable personality, the Hollywood actor told reporters, “Personally I love Korea and my Korean fans and I hope to visit someday.”

Hugh Jackman said that he inherited his love of Korea from his father, who had lived there for many years. When his father returned, he had told his son that the economic future lay in Korea.

The actor also revealed he has a lot of interest in Korean culture, food, and tradition. When his daughter wanted to go to school in a hanbok, he had no problems with it. “Even our dog wears hanbok. He’s male, but he wears a jeogori.” (Both men and women can wear a jeogori, a traditional upper garment, but there are some styles specific to women.)

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