Yoo Jae Hwan Would Lose Weight for IU 

Composer-turned-singer Yoo Jae Hwan talked about dieting on the September 30th broadcast of MBC FM radio show “Jung Joon Young’s Sim Sim Ta Pa.” He was a guest on the show along with musical actor Kim Ho Young.

yoo jae hwan

“I tried dieting five times just this year,” Yoo Jae Hwan said. “I felt that as a composer, my songs wouldn’t come out if my brain wasn’t fed.” He went on to talk about how he would eat when stressed because of the psychological pressure, but also drink and eat when he was happy.

Kim Ho Young said, “If IU said it’d be good to lose weight, I think you’d lose weight really fast.” Yoo Jae Hwan agreed quickly, making a 180-degree turn from his previous statement. DJ Jung Joon Young commented, “It seems you can’t help being a man.”

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