Song Mino “Goes Hard” in New W Korea Pictorial

Song Mino of Winner reveals a tougher, stronger side of himself in his new pictorial for W Korea, posing charismatically around a rainy, grungy cityscape in Japan.

In a couple of shots, he stares almost challengingly into the camera, showcasing his good looks and eye-catching clothes.

song mino

song mino 3

In the accompanying interview, he talks about his experience on “Show Me the Money 4”, on which he came in second place. When asked about following in the footsteps of fellow YG labelmate Bobby, who won “Show Me The Money 3,” he comments, “I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. Even though I didn’t win I was always worried what people would say about YG if I did win. So I decided to focus instead on my performance, so that I could go out with a bang even if I lost.”

Song Mino also shares his thoughts about the song “Fear,” which was the most successful song on “SMTM4.” He says that the lyrics reflected his real feelings during the show and his desire to show his true self onstage, and that he thought a long time before asking Taeyang to feature. Given the chance, he wants to work next with Hyukoh’s Oh Hyuk.

Finally, the rapper addresses some controversies that happened during the show. About the lyric that many felt crossed a line, he says, “I prepared those lyrics in the short time before the broadcast started. From the judges’ attitude, even when I was rapping I felt that something was wrong. The problem was that I didn’t know until afterward, but I hadn’t had a chance to think deeply. As soon as the broadcast finished, I came to my senses.”

The criticism he endured seems to have made the young idol stronger. “From a long time ago, I wanted to write good lyrics. Now that this has happened, I realize that as someone who has a lot of young fans and female fans, I need to be more careful with my lyrics. I need to be a more mature rapper.”

song mino2

“If there’s ever an opportunity to show the rapper Song Mino again, I will show you an even better image than before,” he vows, ending the pictorial on a high note. The full interview can be found in the October issue of W Korea.

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