6 Reasons to Tune In to New SBS Drama “Six Flying Dragons”

SBS’s new historical drama “Six Flying Dragons” is finally premiering! Written by Kim Young Hyun and directed by Shin Kyung Soo, here are six reasons you should be watching one of the most highly anticipated dramas of 2015.

1) A strong lineup 

From a supporting cast boasting serious screen presence and talent to the hottest mainstream actors, the cast of “Six Flying Dragons” encompasses a wide range of generations. The “six dragons” are played by big names such as Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Kim Myung Min, Byun Yo HanYoon Gyun Sang, and Chun Ho Jin.

six flying dragons

In addition, the four child actors (Nam Da Reum, Lee Rae, Yoon Chan Young, and Baek Seung Hwan) are also gaining much public interest. The child actors will be responsible for much of the scenes that establish the fated encounters between the characters, and are expected to carry a convincing portrayal of the younger versions of Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Bang Ji, and Yoon Gyun Sang’s characters.

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2) A strong production team 

The script for “Six Flying Dragons” was written by the team that brought us three hit historical dramas: “Jewel in the Palace,” “The Great Queen Seon Deok,” and “A Tree With Deep Roots.” Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon have penned some of South Korea’s best historical dramas and for this drama they are reuniting with director Shin Kyung Soo, who directed “A Tree With Deep Roots.”

3) Character-driven storylines

With six main characters, the drama is expected to have a fresh and interesting plot. The six characters’ stories will intertwine to tell the story of the founding of the Joseon dynasty.

4) Overwhelming youth

In contrast to many historical dramas, “Six Flying Dragons” focuses on the youth of Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In’s character), who helped build the foundation of the Joseon dynasty and later became king. With many of the main actors still under thirty, the cast is expected to bring youthful energy to their performances.

5) Bigger is better

This drama was filmed on a grand scale. The list of appearing actors alone numbers 130 people, and elaborate sets were built to mimic the Joseon era.

six flying dragons

6) Connections with other dramas

Although “Six Flying Dragons” takes place 700 years after “The Great Queen Seon Deok,” it takes place in the same fictional, pseudo-historical world as the masterpiece and “A Tree With Deep Roots.” In fact, “Six Flying Dragons” is considered the “prequel” to “A Tree With Deep Roots.” Fans of both dramas will be sure to be interested in the similarities between the stories, especially as they were all written by the same scriptwriting team.

“Six Flying Dragons” tells the stories of the ambitions and successions of six important characters during the founding of the Joseon dynasty, with a focus on the young prince Lee Bang Won. The first episode aired on October 5, 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the first episode of “Six Flying Dragons” here!


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