Seven Times VIXX’s N Was Our Spirit Animal

There are some idols that are known for keeping straight faces or looking (somehow) flawless in every photo.

And then there’s VIXX’s N. Not that we don’t think that N can be flawless and in fact in most of his photos he keeps a very straight face. But when he lets loose, really lets his facial muscles be free, well, we have art. Hongbin might be the group’s “artwork” but N’s facial expressions are definitely a form of moving art.

To celebrate N starring in KBS drama “Sassy Go Go” which premieres today in the US, we decided to compile a list of N’s best expressions and when you should emulate them. (Secondary reasons include: A) we love his face and B) I have a folder that is just called “N” on my computer desktop that contains over 80 gifs of his priceless expressions that I really needed to make relevant to work somehow.)

Without further ado, all the times you need to channel N:

1. When you’re out with your squad.


It’s actually completely acceptable to be the most fabulous one out of all your friends. In fact, if you want to truly live up to N as your spirit animal you have to be. So, just embrace it and maybe take a few minutes to practice posing appropriately (fabulously) for squad photos.

2. When your friends aren’t actually being funny.


It happens, they try to be hilarious but fail miserably. Don’t worry — you don’t have to fake laugh, you can just let your face tell them exactly how funny they are actually being.

3. When you have your priorities straight.


Listen, bravery is great and all but when it comes to a fight you know to protect what’s most important: you. There is no shame in keeping your face in one piece.

4. When someone decides they can talk over you.


You have something to say, you need to say it all. Don’t let people walk (or talk) all over you. Just let your face tell them off — that way you won’t waste any additional breath on them.

5. When you finally meet your ideal type.


N doesn’t hold back when it comes to affection and you shouldn’t either. Take a few minutes standing in front of a mirror and perfect your best wink – even if it ends up being slow-motion and mildly lascivious.

Alternatively, you can try wink attacking them, which judging by Hyuk’s reaction is super effective:


6. When you just can’t.


We all have those moments when you finally give up on everything. Shoving N into a random white sports outfit and making him carry around a giant empty water jug is officially a very legitimate reason to “can’t” but we understand that the reasons why you’ll be done with it all will (hopefully) be very different. The expression still works.

7. When you know that you are, in fact, flawless through and through.


This might be the main reason why N should be everyone’s spirit animal – because he isn’t afraid to be perfect and demand the attention that he deserves. The other members might “complain” about his overly-affectionate ways and his rather large ego — but at the end of the day he’s an amazing leader and works his butt off for the sake of the group. So, we’d totally argue that his ego is well-deserved — and so is yours. If anyone tells you otherwise, just do this:


For more N (who doesn’t want more N?) be sure to watch him in his new drama, alongside APink’s Eunji, now:

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