Top K-Drama Moments From the 4th Week Of September

They can be childish, and at times, they’ve dabbled with their dark side, but ultimately, the lovable charm and inherent decency of our current favorite K-drama characters shine through.

1. “Mrs. Cop”: A bedroom built for two

Our favorite “Mrs. Cop” characters, Do Young and Jin Woo, are forced to stay in a room together for the night for their undercover assignment. Jin Woo doesn’t feel right about sleeping in the same room with a woman and offers to sleep in the car. Do Young, however, tells him he might blow their cover and to stop complaining. That convinces Jin Woo to stay, but he jokingly tells Do Young to wash up since she’s been in the same clothes for days and she smells. LOL. Annoyed, she leaves the room, but he’s got a cute, warm smile on his face. He’s a tease, but a subtly flirtatious one!

2. “Last”: His pillow

We couldn’t miss the chance to say goodbye to Yoon Kye Sangs Tae Ho, who’s had revenge and drama aplenty, and before closing the show, he showed us the charm that will make us love his character forever.

In the final episode of “Last,” Nara decorates Tae Ho’s bus with flowers. As she’s doing so, Tae Ho shows up, surprising her. She tells him that she’s simply stopping by since she’s in the area. Excuses, excuses.

Tired, he plops down on the sofa, and after a little bit of talk about the halted Mirae City Project, he asks her for a favor. He pats the spot next to him, asking her to sit beside him, and slowly, he rests his head on her shoulders. Aaah, sweetness!

3. “Twenty Again”: Her first real date

We firmly believe that life is not a race, so everyone should live it at their own pace. Even when there’s a preferred order to things — meet first, date, fall in love, and then marry — we respite the right of an individual to choose their own path.

No Ra has 20 years of marriage under her belt, and for No Ra, first came the baby, then marriage, and now, an impending divorce. There’s also self-discovery, and what she’s learning is that it’s possible for someone else to put her first.

Theirs might be a class assignment, but we love this scene from episode 10 because No Ra finally experiences a date — a real one. It is literally just a meal and a movie, but she’s finally able to see what it’s like to spend time with a man who prioritizes her. This date gives her perspective about her life and the man she’s been living with, and so, we will always be grateful to Dan from America.

4. “Mrs. Cop”: Enter Yoo Yeon Seok

If you want a surefire way to incite jealousy, then you bring in beloved hottie Yoo Yeon Seok for the job!

As Jin Woo and Do Young wait for the results of an autopsy, they are introduced to Yeon Seok’s Doctor Jo Young Woo. The doctor is immediately drawn to Do Young, finding it unbelievable that such a tall and beautiful lady is really a detective. Jin Woo begins to get prickly as Doc Jo flirts with his partner while explaining the findings. The Doc even trades business cards with Do Young, and when he invites her for coffee in his office in exchange for information on the results of a DNA test, Jin Woo has had it. Instead, he goes in for Do Young while he makes her wait outside. Ah, Jin Woo, you’re so obvious!

5. “All About My Mom”: Getting along


The holidays typically bring out the worst and the best in families. The Lees are no exception, and a visiting great-aunt whipped up more chaos than usual. Despite an ugly mealtime confrontation, the Lees seem to be more caught up in the spirit of Chuseok.

At the family store, Hyeong Soon and Jin Ae join Papa Dong Chool and cook side dishes that they’re sure will all be sold since it’s a holiday. It’s a nice enough scene, but when eldest child, Hyeong Gyu, comes in the store, he stuns viewers and family alike. Hyeong Gyu is normally removed from the family, and his relationship with his dad and siblings is often antagonistic, so, his presence begs the question: What’s he doing there? Well, a strangely humble and nice Hyeong Gyu has come to help, too. His younger siblings tease him a bit as this is out of his character, but nevertheless, his presence adds to the good vibes, and for once, there’s actually peace in a room full of Lees.

6. “She Was Pretty”: It’s all your fault!

Male lead Sung Joon has our blood boiling hotter than a volcano!

Hye Jin is stuck driving him to the airport after cheeky Shin Hyuk tricks her into volunteering for the job. As he’s concentrating on his very important iPad, he makes it clear that he’s not interested in small talk. She then takes his non-response to her question about the specific airport as confirmation, but of course, it’s not because nothing can go right when these two are together.

He panics and yells at her when he realizes that he’s being driven to the wrong airport, and she quickly finds a solution and gets him to the right one on time.

Instead of receiving thanks when she arrives to drive him back, he’s upset once again and scolds her for her stupidity and screwing up. But finally (YES, finally!), she stands up to him and makes him realize that it was all his fault! The mix-up would have been avoided if he’d only listened to her when she asked him. Heck, they wouldn’t have been in that predicament if he’d only told her where to take him instead of being an arrogant jerk who only cares about Apple products!

Grow up, Sung Joon!

7. “D-Day”: He’s a big kid now!


While trying to prevent a patient’s desperate son from hurting Doctor Jung Ddol Mi, Doctor Hae Sung sustains a deep cut. After the tense situation is resolved, Ddol Mi tends to Hae Sung, who puts on a cool front as he’ll be receiving stitches without any anesthesia. Ddol Mi is clearly doubtful he’ll be able to withstand the pain, and before she inserts the first stitch, she reminds him that there’s still one bottle of lidocaine left. He refuses because there are many patients who’ll need it more than him, and besides, he’s not a kid! He don’t need no stinkin’ anesthesia! He tells her to stitch it quickly, and since the wound is small, it’ll just … OWIE! Sting much? Heh. With each stitch, Hae Sung yelps, bears, and grins! Attaboy! We can’t help but notice the almost imperceptible grin on Ddol Mi’s face as this torture is payback since he’s been a jerk to her a few times.

8. “Twenty Again”: Just a little closer

While Woo Chul and Professor Yi Jin go for an evening stroll during episode 10, they see No Ra walking with Hyun Suk. Yi Jin assumes they’re having a romance, mentioning that No Ra recently received a bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, Woo Chul’s face spells utter alarm when Hyun Suk moves closer to No Ra. Heh. If we’re spazzing as Hyun Suk zips up No Ra’s jacket, then our favorite producer must be feeling the moment, too. His expression shows that their proximity has gotten to him, and of course, seeing the two-timing Woo Chul being jealous of our OTP is the cherry on top!

9. “Yong Pal”: She’s got the power

Following the masterful takedown of her brother, Yeo Jin finally takes over the reins of Han Shin. The irony of the situation, however, fails to escape us as we witness the members of the board falling in line, cheering for her installment as CEO.

To achieve this, she may have ventured a bit to the dark side, but we also enjoy watching her whip everyone in line.

That’s it for this list! Come and join us again next time!

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