Kang Ha Neul Discusses His Bromance With Jo Jung Suk, Joo Won, and Kim Moo Yeol

Actor Kang Ha Neul recently sat down for an interview during the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). Having appeared in movies “C’est Si Bon,” “Empire of Lust,” and “Twenty” this year, the rising star has been making a name for himself. Since “Twenty” received a formal invitation to BIFF, the actor answered questions relating to his film with Kim Woo Bin and 2PM’s Junho.

Upon being asked about what he was like when he was twenty, the actor answers, “When I think about when I was 20, the musical “Spring Awakening” comes to mind. That was my everything when I was 20. At the time I practiced for four months and performed for six months. We were the original cast and performed a total of 266 performances.”

After discussing the physical difficulties of performing so often, Kang Ha Neul mentions his castmates and says, “I performed with Jo Jung Suk hyung, Kim Moo Yeol hyung, and Joo Won hyung. After performing we went to Gwangjang Market to drink alcohol and talk. At the time, everyone didn’t have money and had thin wallets. That’s why we only went to Gwangjang Market. We ate fried food from street vendors to eat as appetizers alongside the alcohol. Thinking about it now, going to the market after performing is a dream-like, happy memory.”

The interviewer then comments that despite their hardships at that time, all four actors have become stars. Kang Ha Neul humbly responds, “You have to take me out. I am nothing. Definitely not a star… the hyungs are all real stars and have done well. Moo Yeol hyung was a famous star back then actually. He was well-known [as a musical actor]. Of course everyone has done better and has become more famous now. Our past fans want us to gather and perform together again, but the hyungs are too busy and famous so I think it will be difficult to work out our schedules.”

Then Kang Ha Neul is asked whether the four actors are still close. He replies, “Of course. We are all still close now. We met recently. Moo Yeol hyung had to film so he couldn’t come, but I met Jung Suk hyung and Joo Won hyung for drinks.”

What are your thoughts on their close relationship?

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