YB to Release Full Album in United States Next Year

The legendary Korean rock group YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band) has big plans for 2016!

YB made an announcement about their future plans on October 6 at a press conference for their upcoming 20th anniversary concert. The band’s front man Yoon Do Hyun says, “We’re preparing to make our debut in the United States with a full album in May or June next year. We’re also planning to perform a tour.”

“As we’re not a huge band, when we go to America we’ll have to start all over from the beginning,” he says, “but one way or another we’re planning to see results.” He adds, “It’s difficult to break into the United States, and it will be even more difficult because we’re not young, but we’re getting ready and trying hard.”

YB went on tour in the United States this summer with the famous alternative group Smashing Pumpkins. They’re currently preparing for their 20th anniversary concerts in Seoul, which will be held from October 15 to 18.

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