GOT7’s “If You Do” MV Breaks Through 5 Million Hits in 1 Week

GOT7 released the music video for “If You Do” on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on September 29. It’s the title song of their latest mini-album “MAD.”  Since then the number of hits of the music video has made a steady climb to exceed over five million views in one week.

Within 18 hours of its release, the music video got over one million views. Within 41 hours, it received over two million hits eventually reaching over three million views in the next three days. As of October 6, which marks seven days since its release, there have been over five million views.

The music video is also gaining popularity overseas ranking first place on the Korean songs chart on Chinese music source site “YinYueTai V Chart.”

GOT7’s “If You Do” portrays frustrating emotions of a man in love. Through the latest release of the mini-album, the group GOT7 is revealing a different side of their charm by transforming themselves as more rough and drawing out dark emotions through their songs.

Check out the music video of “If You Do” here.

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