EXID in Talks To Sign With Chinese Agency Banana Project

There have been reports that Banana Project, an agency owned by Chinese billionaire Wang Sicong, has recently signed with girl group EXID.

On October 6, EXID’s agency had responded to these reports. They stated, “It is true that we have met with the executives of Banana Project for the possibility of working together in the future. However, at this moment, nothing has been decided and there are no concrete plans.”

They continued, “At Shanghai, a party for Banana Project had been held three days ago. EXID attended the party because they received an invitation. Many big stars such as China’s top star Angela Baby, DJ Skrillex, and girl group T-ara also received an invitation and attended the party. Currently, EXID’s song “Up and Down” is receiving a lot of love in China and therefore they are receiving a lot of love calls to promote in China. In order to provide EXID a safe plan for their entrance into the Chinese market, we had met with the officials of Banana Project. Unfortunately, Chinese media had misunderstood our meeting. Again, nothing has been decided yet.”

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