Jang Ki Ha Writes in His Fan Cafe About His Girlfriend IU

After news about IU and Jang Ki Ha dating broke out, IU posted on her fan cafe and reached out to her fans.

Soon after, Jang Ki Ha also posted on his fan cafe to personally relay it to his fans.

On October 8, he wrote:

“Hello. It’s Jang Ki Ha. I am writing this because I want to personally tell you about the news articles that came up about IU and I. Yes, we are in a good relationship! I met IU for the first time when she came as a guest on my radio show back in October of 2013. After conversing with her, I thought, ‘Wow, she is a very charming girl.'”

“When I talked to her about the time we first met, surprisingly, IU thought the same thing about me. It’s already been two years since we’ve confirmed our love. IU is a very thankful and precious person to me. She is someone I lean on when times are hard and someone I can learn from in both life and the music industry. There are many people who think of IU and I, so I will do my best to never let those people down! I will also work on putting out better songs than before! Thank you so much for everyone’s support.”

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