“Moorim School” Cast Have a Blast During Their First Script Reading

The cast of the upcoming action-romance drama “Moorim School” had their first script reading together.

The script reading took place on October 6, where producer Lee So Yeon, Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Ye Ji, VIXX’s Hongbin, Jung Yoo Jin, Sam Okyere, Kan Mi Yeon, and so many more actors filled the room.

moorim school2

“Please read comfortably,” producer Lee So Yeon told them, as they began reading. As they read, the actors did such a great job that people wondered, “Is this their actual personality?” The atmosphere became very energetic and the room was filled with laughter not too long after they began. During their break time, the cast took selfies with each other and became good friends in a short amount of time.

moorim school3

Meanwhile, “Moorim School” will air in January 2016 on KBS.

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