On October 8, A Pink’Chorong and Bomi hosted a segment called “Let’s draw the Korean flag together” on Naver’s V app.

They emphasized the importance of hoisting the national flag on Hangul Day and they also demonstrated how to draw the flag correctly with ease. They explained in detail what the Taegeuk in the center and four Gwaeui on each corner symbolize.

Chorong and Bomi also talked about the importance of proper usage of Korean language. They also showed regrets for excessive usage of abbreviated terms and using anomalous representation of Korean words on computers (oejyeeo). They vowed to spread the meaning of Hangul Day and Hunminjeongeum which is the book on the original writing system of Korean language developed by King Sejong during the Joseon dynasty.

A Pink appears on Naver’s V app every Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST to meet with fans. The show features a consulting and counseling segment with their fans on various topics, live broadcasting food shows, and other things.

Check out A Pink’s segment on Hangul Day here.

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