BTOB’s Ilhoon is set to be the star in the music video for the group’s upcoming song “On the Way Back Home.”

“On the Way Back Home” is the title song for BTOB’s seventh album “I Mean” which is set to be released on October 12. Ilhoon is currently appearing on the cable channel MBC Every 1’s “Webtoon Hero Tundra Show” and is gaining attention for his much improved acting ability.

Previously, for their sixth mini-album, Yook Sungjae starred in the music video for “It’s Okay.” The rumor has it that the music video crew for “On the Way Back Home” were pleasantly surprised at Ilhoon’s great acting ability. The rest of the BTOB group members participated in the music video recording wholeheartedly supporting one another.

BTOB’s new album “I Mean” is said to be their second healing project continuing from “It’s Okay.” The title song “On the Way Back Home” displays BTOB’s unique brand of ballads rich with harmony and deep emotions with lyrics like “On the way back home, like a child who has lost his way.”

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