Suzy to Receive Compensation in Publicity Rights Settlement

Recently, miss A‘s Suzy settled her publicity rights lawsuit against an online shopping mall that used her face and name without her permission.

On October 8, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Suzy and made the decision for shopping mall A, which sold “Suzy hats” and used Suzy’s face and name in advertisements, to reconcile the lawsuit with compensation to Suzy.

According to a Star News report, the appeals court recommended the shopping mall pay Suzy 10 million won (approximately $8,700) in reparations for the infringement of her publicity rights, which both sides of the lawsuit accepted. Both sides now have two weeks to object to the decision before the case will be settled for good.

A judge previously ruled against Suzy, stating that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove that the infringement on her rights to her image and name prevented her from signing new contracts, or caused her to terminate current ones.

Suzy isn’t the first celebrity to struggle with the infringement of publicity rights. Last year, 55 celebrities including Girls’ Generation and Bae Yong Joon filed similar lawsuits that were consequently dismissed. However, actress Kim Sun Ah successfully filed a lawsuit against a plastic surgery clinic that used her image in their advertisements. Min Hyo Rin also won a similar lawsuit.

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