Rain’s Former Tenant Charged With Defamation

A former tenant of mega-idol Rain has been charged with defamation.

The former tenant in question, a 61-year-old designer identified only by her surname Park, was brought to court for the third time, according to a media report on the morning of October 10.

The series of lawsuits between Rain and Park began in 2009, when Rain took legal action against Park for failing to pay rent, which eventually led to her leaving the unit owned by Rain. Earlier this year, Rain successfully won another lawsuit against Park for leaving clothes and garbage in the unit and refusing to remove them.

In retaliation, Park spread false information about Rain. In 2013, Park submitted a complaint three times to the Ministry of National Defense Prosecutor’s Office, claiming that Rain had forged the leasing contract and committed fraud (at the time, Rain was serving as an active duty soldier). Additionally, Park continuously staged protests against Rain, using slanderous picketing in the Seocho-dong neighborhood of Seoul where the rented unit is located.

For these reasons, the Seoul Central District Court recently booked Park without detention on charges of defamation and submitting false accusations.

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