Chae Yeon Opens Up About Being Mocked on the Internet on

Singer Chae Yeon has been made fun of on the Internet in the past, and she finally took the time to talk about it.

October 10’s episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” is a “War of the Fools – Era of Purity” special, which Chae Yeon appears on as a guest. While on the episode, she talks about her math fail on a television show and her legendary crying selfie.

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“I was so nervous,” she said about the math. “It’s true that I solved the problem in regular sequence because the wall was approaching at rapid speed. I later on knew the right way to do it. To be honest, I would have gotten it wrong even if I sat down and took the problem.”

Next in line is her legendary crying selfie, which shook the Internet due to its cheesy caption and her expression.

“I’m so done with this picture. I’ve probably even memorized the entire caption,” she grumbles. “I think I wanted to say I was going through a hard time and was very sad.”

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“This isn’t the only picture though. How many snaps do you think I took to get this one picture,” she says. “I really was sad but I also really wanted to take pictures.”

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