Wonder Girls Does Hilarious Covers of “Tell Me” as a Death Metal Band, Choir, and More on “SNL Korea”

Wonder Girls host tvN‘s “SNL Korea” this week, and in one sketch they get the chance to put very unique spins on their classic song “Tell Me”!

The sketch shows the girls following the orders of Park Jin Young (played by comedian Jung Sung Ho) as he has them try out different concepts in order to find the one that will take them to the top of the charts.

Wonder Girls starts out with an extreme transformation as they perform a death metal version of “Tell Me,” but the crowd is just terrified of them. Park Jin Young’s plan for their next concept is much more “pure,” and so this time they perform as a choir in a church. This doesn’t work out because although the congregation is thrilled, many of their fans are leaving them because of the religious concept.

So Park Jin Young switches up their image again and gets them to perform as traditional folk musicians. But now the only fans they have left are the elderly! So the members decide to stand up to Park Jin Young by performing as protesters.

Be sure to check out their four hilarious versions of “Tell Me” and the hysterical ending scene in the video below!

You can see more of Wonder Girls on “SNL Korea” in October 10’s episode!