Shoo Is Surprised by Ra Hee and Ra Yool's Reactions to Her Facial Masks on

On October 10’s episode of “Oh! My Baby,” Shoo unintentionally horrifies her adorable twins Ra Yool and Ra Hee with animal and character facial masks that she thought they’d enjoy!

While they’re all in a sauna together, Shoo takes out some of the facial masks she’s brought that are designed with animal faces and characters. Both of the girls get to pick which mask they want, and then Shoo opens her own tiger facial mask.

shoo 1

But when she puts it on, the two just stare for a moment. “Do I look weird? It’s not weird, is it?” asks Shoo. Ra Yool‘s face then scrunches up and she starts to cry.

oh my baby

Shoo quickly switches to a panda mask, but it seems to make things worse!

Ra Hee just shakes her head at the next one, and Shoo holds another out to her. “Try it on!” she says, but Ra Hee moves away from her and manages to dodge the mask when Shoo tries to put it on her.

oh my baby 2

In the end though, Shoo thinks their reactions are hilarious!

You can see more of Ra Yool, Ra Hee, and Shoo every Saturday on SBS‘ “Oh! My Baby.”

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