A Salute to Eunsihae: The Best Pictures of the Super Junior Trio

In just a few short days, some of the most popular Super Junior members will be leaving to begin their mandatory military service. Eunhyuk will be joining on October 13, Donghae will be leaving on the 15th and Siwon will be joining their ranks just a few weeks later on November 19.

In honor of this week, where we must begin our sad farewell to the trifecta of perfection known as Eunsihae, we’ve compiled some of the cutest pictures and quotes from these three best friends from Super Junior. Check it out now!


This close trio aren’t just fellow group members but best friends. Known affectionately by fans as “Eunsihae,” it seems fitting that the friends will all begin their military service around the same time. While Eunhyuk will be serving as an active duty soldier, Donghae and Siwon will become conscripted police offers after they finish their basic training.

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These three are well known to have a very special relationship with their fans and are very grateful for their undying support throughout the years. Donghae, especially, has often expressed his feelings towards fans. He once stated, “I will keep in my heart, even after I die, the fact that I met ELF.”

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Although most of the Super Junior members have always been close, these three have always shared a special relationship as the “86-line.” Due to the popularity of “Eunhae,” Siwon always joked that he was jealous and asked to be known as “Eunsihae” instead.

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Although the three have always been close, it’s mostly thanks to Donghae that they all became best friends. He was good friends with Siwon as they are both dedicated Christians and attended Bible study together, but he was also good friends with Eunhyuk as well. Over time, Donghae and his two best friends melted into one, close-knit group of buddies.

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While most fans ship either “Eunhae” or “Sihae,” there is no denying that Eunhyuk and Siwon are great friends as well. Siwon, undoubtedly the most affectionate member of Super Junior, always loves to give (and get!) affection from his brothers. Eunhyuk is especially affectionate with Siwon onstage, shyly giving him kisses and hugs.

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As gorgeous as all three of these guys are, it’s no wonder so many fans love them! Maybe that’s why Eunhyuk feels sorry for fans who find themselves truly head over heels for their favorite member. He was once quoted as saying, “I think the hardest part of being a fangirl is when you fall deeply in love with your bias.” How many of you love Eunsihae?

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Whether they are on tour in Brazil or enjoying their free time in Seoul, these best friends and artists are never far apart from each other. They are constantly sharing photos on Twitter and instagram and reminding fans of how much they love them. Donghae once told fans, “ELF, if a guy breaks your heart, remember Super Junior loves you.” Without a doubt, we love them too!

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As one of the oldest (and arguably the most mature!) of the trio, Siwon has become a type of father-figure to Donghae and Eunhyuk. They have both stated how much they look up to Siwon and respect him for his beliefs and character. It’s pretty evident that he adores them as well! Many times onstage, he has been spotted carrying the two smaller members around like little children. Judging by their smiles and laughter, they both love every second of it too! Eunhyuk once said, “We keep saying that our hearts should always be one.”

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What’s not to love about Eunsihae? This gorgeous trio has the looks, the bodies and the dance moves to make all the fans swoon! Evidently they feel the same way about fans though, because Donghae once said, “Call us idiots, because we don’t know about anyone else but ELF.”

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Over the past few weeks, as we have seen the final stage performances of Super Junior before Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Siwon begin their military service, the trio has asked ELF several times if they will wait for them. I’m sure ELF will be happy to do so, as they have always realized the importance of being faithful fans. Siwon once told their fans, “You don’t have to be an ELF from the beginning. You just have to be an ELF until the end.”

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Everyone loves Donghae, right? That is certainly true when it comes to Choi Siwon. The handsome singer and actor just can’t seem to keep his hands off his younger brother, but who can blame him really? Whenever they are onstage, he loves to hug, kiss and hold hands with Donghae. It’s obvious these two best friends are really close!

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Throughout the years, these best friends have brought us a lot of joy, laughter, and happiness through their music, dramas, songs and shows. We have laughed at their antics onstage and smiled at the craziness that only three best friends can truly manage. For both the artists and fans though, it seems the time just hasn’t been long enough. Eunhyuk told fans, “We wanted to get closer to all of you, but please know that we have really become close from our hearts.” We wish Donghae and Eunhyuk the greatest of luck this week as they begin their service, as well as warm wishes to Siwon as he will leave in a few weeks as well. We hope and pray for their safe return and for many years of continued friendship for the popular “Eunsihae.”

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lee1086 is a Soompi writer who literally cried while writing this article. As a huge fan of Eunsihae, she has been dreading this moment for months and will enter an official period of mourning as the love of her life (aka Lee Donghae) begins his basic training on October 15th- his birthday. In the meantime, she must console herself with Kyuhyun and Heechul… and lots and lots of SHINee.

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