Kangin Teases Girl’s Day’s Yura About Marriage on “Dream Team”

On the October 11 Korea-China special episode of KBS2 TV‘s “Dream Team,” Super Junior‘s Kangin teases Girl’s Day member Yura during a cage soccer challenge.

Yura is the third kicker on the Korean team’s lineup. Before the challenge begins, Kangin tells the team, “I heard that if the third kicker misses the goal, they have to marry the oldest person on their team.” Of course, the oldest person on the Korean team is none other than Kangin himself.

dt kangin2

An MC asks, “When’s the wedding?” to which Kangin slyly replies, “We’ll check Yura’s schedule first.” Yura can’t conceal her embarrassment, confessing, “Now I feel burdened,” before she steps up to take her shot.

The full episode aired on October 11 at 10:30 a.m. KST.

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