“SNL Korea” has issued an official apology for the controversial presentation of Girls’ Generation in the latest episode of the show that left many viewers upset.

The production team wrote on the show’s official homepage on October 11, “We would like to apologize to the fans of Girls’ Generation and those affiliated with Girls’ Generation’s agency SM Entertainment.”

“We would like to address the scene involving Girls’ Generation that was aired during the ‘The 5th Army President’ digital skit of yesterday’s episode featuring Wonder Girls. As we presented Wonder Girls’ history in a drama format and an exaggerated manner, we naturally had to include a mention about the most popular group, Girls’ Generation.”

“We will delete or edit the scene for future reruns of the episode,” the producers explained, saying that they will take action to avoid causing additional harm.

The controversial scene was aired in the “The 5th Army President” corner on the October 10 episode of “SNL Korea.” In the skit, Wonder Girls starts off as the national army’s favorite girl group, peaking at hits like “Tell Me” and “So Hot.” They are ultimately given authority over the circulation of girl group albums in the military, and to eliminate all competition, they enact a law called Idol Protection Law that makes Wonder Girls the only allowed girl group in the military. This regulation leads to huge protests in both the army and the reserve as the soldiers demand legalization of other girl groups, particularly Girls’ Generation, while Wonder Girls experience a popularity crisis.

One of the scenes shows posters of Girls’ Generation thrown into flames and albums getting violently stepped on after military officials confiscate such “illegal material” from a group of fanatic soldiers. Some viewers have found this scene distasteful and even questioned if it was truly necessary to present Girls’ Generation in such light, especially as the members’ faces and album titles are clearly visible in the video.

Watch the controversial skit (1:50 ->) and share your thoughts on the issue below.

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