Wonder Girls’ Yubin Parodies “Unpretty Rapstar” on “SNL Korea 6”

On the October 10 broadcast of tvN’s variety show “SNL Korea 6,” Wonder Girls’ Yubin appeared as a guest.


During the “Unpretty Rapstar” sketch, Ahn Young Mi, who pretended to be rapper Cheetah, and Wonder Girls’ Yubin had a rap battle. However, since it was national Hangul day, she was scolded by the producer, who told her to rap entirely in Korean. The resulting rap was quite wholesome, and sounded like something you might hear in elementary school.

Ahn Young Mi, likewise, caused much laughter as she was forced to change her explicit lyrics to extremely polite, formal Korean.

Also check out the hilarious impression of Jessi in the full skit below:

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