Joo Won Defends Himself on “Healing Camp”: “I’m Not an Arrogant Person”

Joo Won, who recently starred in “Yong Pal,” is guesting on the SBS talk show “Healing Camp” to explain the misunderstanding that he spoke informally to his seniors. Often referred to as the king of ratings, his informal speech is the No. 2 search word related to the actor.

joo won

On the show, Joo Won’s seniors from “Yong Pal” send in surprise video messages. “Joo Won has a lot of aegyo,” actress Kim Tae Hee says. “I want a son like that.” Jung Woong In agrees, saying that he wants a younger brother like Joo Won, but then surprises the actor by asking how much his appearance fees are.

Joo Won’s chemistry with Yoo Hae Jin and his habit of speaking informally is a primary focus on the show. “Yoo Hae Jin had asked me why I don’t speak informally to him but I thought that while I might be more comfortable, the people around him would take it badly,” the actor explains. “I am not an impertinent person.”

MC Kim Jae Dong asks him if he had standards for formal and informal speech. “I’ve been using informal speech with Uhm Tae Woong for a long time,” Joo Won says. “So maybe he’s the benchmark . . . ?”

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