GOT7’s Jackson Reveals Biggest Fear on Chinese Variety Program “Real Hero”

It seems GOT7‘s Jackson is afraid of his agency’s CEO, Park Jin Young!

On October 9, Jackson made a guest appearance on Chinese reality program “Real Hero,” alongside a slew of popular Chinese celebrities. On the show, Jackson joins the fixed cast to take on challenges much like a real firefighter would. In addition, there are a number of different game missions he must fulfill, including a race on mini bicycles. Jackson impresses by giving each challenge everything he’s got, without showing any fear.

jackson real hero cap

However, during the interview hour of the show, Jackson is asked what he is most afraid of. Jackson hilariously confesses, “I’m most afraid of Park Jin Young.”

GOT7 is currently promoting their latest mini-album “MAD,” which hit store shelves on September 29.

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