Super Junior Says “Goodbye for Now” to Eunhyuk

Super Junior is sending off yet another member to the military today.

Eunhyuk officially enlisted at Chuncheon, Gangwon Province around 12 p.m. on October 13. After completing his basic training at the 102nd Reserve Forces, Eunhyuk will serve his two years of mandatory service as an active duty soldier. Eunhyuk is the third Super Junior member to enlist this year after Shindong and Sungmin, and the seventh member in all.

Eunhyuk teared up as he thanked the fans who came to see him off, saying “It’s so cold this morning, but thank you to everyone who came out. It’s the duty of every Korean man to defend their country, so I will serve and come back safely. Please be healthy [in the time that I’m gone] and I will return to my activities as Super Junior’s Eunhyuk after finishing my service.”

His fellow members took to social media to wish him well. Leader Leeteuk posted a photo of the two of them to Instagram along with the caption, “The space beside me will be empty now. We understood each other just by sharing glances. I love you Hyukjae. Sigh, I’m tearing up.”

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Donghae also took to Instagram. He wrote, “My beloved friend Hyukjae, even if you’re not here in person let’s always be together in spirit. I’ll support you no matter how far you are, and I’ll pray that you are healthy and unhurt, so let’s meet again. I love you my friend Hyuk; thank you as well ELF.”

Yesung posted two pictures in support of Eunhyuk, saying, “My uneasy heart must be feeling empty now!” and “Yep, definitely empty. Don’t worry, I’ll lead SuJu from here. I’ll see you when you come out on leave.” Even Zhou Mi tweeted to Eunhyuk, telling him, “Our Eunhyuk! Take care of your body and come back safely!”

A photo posted by Yesung (@yesung1106) on

A photo posted by Yesung (@yesung1106) on

Eunhyuk himself posted a series of photos to his Instagram, saying farewell to ELF before his enlistment. On the first photo, he wrote, “Thanks to my ELF, I’m always happy. #ELF” The second photo was a fan-drawn photo, followed by the caption “The time has come for me to leave. I’ll be going now. #ThankYou #ILoveYou.” The last photo was a message for his members, saying, “Understandably we’ve been together for so long that now that we must part for a while, I feel strange. I’ll miss the members a lot, and I’m so thankful and sorry [to them]. I love you. #WeAreSuperJunior”

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A photo posted by Eunhyuk (@eunhyukee44) on

A photo posted by Eunhyuk (@eunhyukee44) on

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Update: More photos have been shared by the members, particularly of the get-together a few members of Super Junior, TVXQ, SHINee, and EXO were present at. Leeteuk also shared a photo from the location of the training camp where Eunhyuk said goodbye.

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Yesung wrote: “We gathered together for the first time in a while thanks to Eunhyuk. Donghae will leave soon, too. We’ll see each other again smiling, right? We will be happier than now. #DongSuSHIEX #mouserabbit #superjunior.”

Leeteuk wrote: “I miss you already. Come back safe and healthy!”

..벌써 보고싶어..ㅠㅠ 건강하게만 잘 다녀와!!!!!!!!!..

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Update 2: Kyuhyun has also shared his goodbyes with Eunhyuk on Twitter. He posted a couple of silly pictures he shared with Eunhyuk and wrote, “Come back safely, my brother.”