Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: September 28 to October 4

These top K-drama moments hit all the romantic spots for us – blossoming love, lasting romance, and the troublesome three-way.


1. “Mrs. Cop” (Ep. 18): Undercover kiss

We hated to let this drama go, but it did give us a goodbye kiss to remember!

When a drug trafficker has resurfaced, Jin Woo and Do Young reconnoiter the thug’s headquarters. When two lackeys come out, Jin Woo immediately pushes Do Young up against the wall and dives in for an undercover kiss that quickly turns passionately real. Woohoo!

It’s not the ideal location for making out, but even the goons are enjoying the show as much as we do!


2. “She Was Pretty” (Ep. 6): I’ll be your protector

Last time had us wishing we could feed Sung Joon to the fishes, and this time has us wanting to eat him up!

Sung Joon feels guilty for causing Hye Jin’s cold since she ran out in the rain to save him during his panic attack. However, he can’t let her know that he’s affected by her pain because he’s gruff Sung Joon and she’s the annoying intern.

When the cold medicine makes her drowsy, he can’t help but be worried and just as she’s about to hit her head, his first instinct is to jump in and protect her. Yay! Now, you’re acting like a male lead we can all love, Sung Joon! We’re also in stitches when he jumps on her half out of fear after another employee unexpectedly walks in. Haha! We love romance that ends in comedy.


3. “Twenty Again” (Ep. 12): You can have him!

All hail Queen No Ra! “Twenty Again” is about No Ra’s personal growth, and we adore the woman she’s become!

Professor Kim Yi Jin pretends to be nice to No Ra upon learning that she’s her lover’s wife, even getting her a part-time job. And every time they meet is just another fishing expedition to get some deets, so, our heroine takes pity on her and puts her out of her misery.

The professor doesn’t need to go to all this trouble because No Ra isn’t fighting for that man. She has absolutely no interest in her husband, so, she can go ahead and have him. Yes!

What a long way No Ra’s come, from the woman who attended college in hopes that her husband would change his attitude towards her to a woman who’s embracing her strength and independence.

4. “Yong Pal” (Ep. 17): Love PWNS everything

Despite Tae Hyun’s invitation to leave the “13th floor,” Yeo Jin felt that this was the place that she had to be, especially after fighting so hard for it. However, she has found that it is most certainly lonely at the top and the emptiness in her life has revealed where she truly longs to be.

She goes to Tae Hyun and lets him know her desire to reunite with him. The two share a sweet kiss and remain in each other’s embrace.

We love that Yeo Jin figured out what and who matter most to her before she lost herself in a meaningless life.


5. “Twenty Again” (Ep. 11): A bump and a thump, thump, thump

How fast does your heart beat to know you like someone?

As Sang Ye has to go to a meeting, No Ra is tasked with organizing stage design materials in the office. No Ra doesn’t stop there and decides to do the laundry, stripping the dirty covers off the couch cushions. When she notices Hyun Suk’s sweater hanging over the upstairs railing, No Ra heads up to the second floor. As she slowly studies her friend’s room, she picks up a towel to add to her armload of laundry and neatly drapes his sweater on a desk chair. Meanwhile, Hyun Suk has just arrived and notes that Sang Ye managed to straighten up before leaving. He goes up to his room and crashes into No Ra who’s on her way out. Startled, she begins to fall back, but he pulls her hard towards him that she pins him against the wall. For some endless seconds, they’re frozen, shocked at the proximity. When they finally extricate themselves from each other, Hyun Suk scolds her about not being his maid and tells her to go back to the first floor, and alone, No Ra feels her heart racing. In his room, Hyun Suk also has his hand over his chest, still affected by their contact. Squeee!

6. “D-Day” (Ep. 6): She hates him, she hates him not


While this show is heavy on the drama and suspense, there are a few moments of levity, like this scene, which we love for two things: It highlights Ddol Mi’s firecracker of a personality and the burgeoning yet subtle romance between her and Hae Sung.

It continues to be tough for the overworked doctors at Mirae Hospital, and understandably, Ddol Mi has fallen asleep at a patient’s bedside. When Hae Sung wakes her up, he berates her for sleeping and mocks her skills. Fed up, Ddol Mi reminds him that he kept her from going back to Busan. She can’t even rest or eat properly because of him, so, how dare he give her a hard time after what they’ve been through and think she’s just slacking off? He’s so shameless! Her anger mounting, she kicks a chair out of the way and stalks out of the room. Hae Sung follows her and pleads with her not to leave as he touches her shoulder. She shrugs off his hand, and when she turns around, she whips out a can of coffee and a jelly snack. She tells him that she was worried that he hadn’t eaten and was waiting for him to invite her to eat together. Hae Sung smiles and obviously likes the gesture. As they sit together, Ddol Mi tells him that the intern, Ahn Dae Gil, had flirted with her and gave her the jelly. As she goes on about Ahn Dae Gil and how she’s used to this kind of attention from the boys in Busan, Hae Sung tries to stifle a snicker, perhaps thinking that Ddol Mi has misread the intern or she’s full of herself.


7. “All About My Mom” (Ep. 15): She chooses her way

As her mommy issues have calmed down recently, Jin Ae has more time to entertain the interest of two men: Hoon Jae and Sang Hyuk.

One morning, she’s given a couple of options to get to work: Ride with Hoon Jae, who offered first, or with Sang Hyuk, who has driven very far from his home to pick her up. She finds herself literally in the middle of a tug of war as the men fight over who’ll be giving her a lift. So, who will it be? Jin Ae tells them she’ll go by bus. Bwaha! It’s a very judicious choice that does nothing to diminish the guys’ disappointment.


Thanks for checking out this list of top moments. Let’s do it again next time!

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