Singer Lee Soo Young Reveals How an Extreme Diet Took a Toll on Her Body and Music Career

On the October 12 of SBS PowerFM‘s “Kim Chang Yeol’s Old School” radio show, singer Lee Soo Young paid a visit and revealed to what extremes she went when dieting.

She started off saying, “My debut song ‘I Believe’ performed so well that there were high expectations for my second album. My CEO was very attached to outward appearances so he told me to ‘lose weight.’ So I ended up weighing about 38 kilograms (approximately 84 pounds) back then.”

She continued, “The CEO had a fiery passion and I am a quite determined person myself, so I took my dieting to an extreme during the first half of my 20s. Therefore, I wouldn’t recover quickly from a minor cold and it came to a point where I couldn’t do my promotions anymore. So I didn’t promote after my second album.”

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