Simon Dominic Testifies for E-Sens in Court and Claims Some Responsibility for His Marijuana Use

Rapper Simon Dominic appeared in court at E-Sens‘ most recent appeals trial to testify about his character.

Simon Dominic (also known as Simon D) met E-Sens back in 2003 when they were performing together in Korea’s underground hip hop scene. They then joined together as the duo Supreme Team in 2009, and released several hits. Although they disbanded in 2013 when E-Sens left their then-label, Amoeba Culture, they have remained friends.

E-Sens was sentenced to a year and a half in prison in July of 2015 for marijuana use, which is the third time he has been found guilty of the crime. He is currently appealing the court’s sentence, and E-Sens’ lawyer is said to have chosen to Simon Dominic to testify at his second appeal because he knows more about E-Sens’ character and background than anyone else.

At the appeals trial, Simon Dominic states, “I feel some responsibility for the fact that E-Sens has become like this.” He adds, “While we were working together, I was busy because I was also doing solo work at the same time and trying to make a living.”

“I feel sorry because I think I didn’t do my duty as his hyung,” he continues. “I am now more available, both in terms of time and emotionally. I’ll be close by his side, even if it’s not often, and I’ll do my best to look after him even more than I would if he was my real younger brother.”

Simon Dominic also mentioned that E-Sens has always suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. “Even if there was nothing behind him, he had this habit where he’d look behind him to check,” he says. “Also, there were a lot of pens on E-Sens’ desk, but if one of them disappeared or was out of order, he couldn’t stand it and he’d have to rearrange them.”

In regards to the reason E-Sens began to use marijuana, Simon Dominic explains, “There was a conflict between him and our agency at the time, and he had a lot of complaints about the music scene. Because of that, he’d act extreme even if he wasn’t drunk.”

“Using marijuana seemed to make him feel more secure and calm, so over time he came to depend on it,” explains Simon Dominic.

Despite being held in jail, E-Sens released his first full album “The Anecdote” in August, and Simon Dominic posted on Instagram to promote the album and celebrate when it reached first place in the charts.

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