Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Thinks Taeyeon Would Make a Good Rally Driver

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri attended the press conference for SBS‘s new variety show “The Rallyist” on October 14, where she revealed that the leader Taeyeon would be most fit to try rally driving.

Yuri stated, “Taeyeon owns a sports car. She enjoys driving. Once this program starts airing, she’ll most likely be very interested in it.”

Yuri also complimented the show’s contestants, saying, “[The female rally drivers] looked cool. I wanted to learn it, too. What I found most impressive is the fact that you have to have good physical and mental strength. You can tell how difficult this is just by watching a test drive. I was so impressed that people endure everything just to reach a goal. It made me reflect on myself.”

“The Rallyist” is a rally driver survival audition program. SBS announcer Bae Sung Jae and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri will be hosting it, while professionals will be judging the contestants. The winner of this program will be rewarded a two-year trip to Europe for professional rallyist training.

The first episode will air on October 17 at 12:15 a.m. KST, and the last episode will air on December 19 where the winner will be announced through a live broadcast.

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